Where We Are Heading


At JJFitzgerald We Understand that there are three types of companies; those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. For this reason, we are constantly striving to ensure we understand your business and that we stay abreast with your needs by making things happen for you.


Our strategic plan is a “Sound Game Plan” for positioning you in your chosen market arena, competing successfully, satisfying you as our customers, and achieving good business performance and practices. We focus on four key areas in our business so we can ensure that we focus on your Business. These key areas provide the framework for our independent decisions and actions initiated by each of our departments, managers, and employees. We perform to these key aspects in a concerted effort which helps us to focus on you our customer and our company-wide overall game plan.


Our Vision bringsinto sharp focus the value-adding services and solutions we provide to our clients every day.This is coupled with an overarching desire to be the best-in-class for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders, and employees.


Our Mission, Goals, and Objectives empower usto maintain the Visionwe need to concentrate on meeting the goals and objectives identified in our strategic plan. This will help us to rely on the values and beliefs to accomplish our mission of empowering our customers to excel in a global society. 


Our Strategy is to spell out andclearly define ourmission, goals and objectives. This allows us to establish a strong connection with our customers’ needs and to show how we are going to achieve their goals.


Our strategy also provides the vehicle that answers the questions that you may have on how to achieve your goals from

where you stand today. This is why we adopted our motto:


“Tell us where you want to go; We will help you get there from here!”


With our Strategy in place you don’t have to know all the answers, you just have to know where you want to go and we will help you get there!


Our Execution ensures success because we understand that some of the bestmissions and strategies in the world are worthless without a plan to properly implement them, which is a waste of time.


At JJFitzgerald we put together a clear concise strategy and then we monitor its effectiveness to help us ensure we are marching to the same beat, which is the beat of your plan. If you find yourself needing to change directions, then we present a course correction to put you back on track towards your next plan of action.