Logistics Management

At JJFitzgerald we understand that the tenets of Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) emphasize an early focus on sustainment within the system life cycle. Therefore when we focus on the whole TLCSM we focus on the implementation, management, and oversight, by your team. This includes focusing on all of your activities associated with the acquisition, development, production, fielding, sustainment, and disposal of a DoD weapon system across its life cycle.

Our Approach to Logistics Management

Our Approach to Logistics Management is to provide supply chain and logistics management consulting services to clients small and large, in a wide spectrum of industries; at varying levels of sophistication and best-practice status. We help organizations who genuinely want to improve their performance and who are ready for a different kind of consulting experience, and relationship.


JJFitzgerald’s team approach work exclusively in the supply chain logistics arena. We recognize that we can offer many solutions to many our clients, but we want to ensure we offer the best things to our clients.

Our Logistics Management Process

Our Logistics Management Process is an Intranet of actions that empowers the organization with full accountability and responsibility for system acquisition and follow-on sustainment. Our logistics solution recognize that PBL is the preferred sustainment strategy for weapon system product support that employs the purchase of support as an integrated, affordable performance package designed to optimize system readiness.


While PBL meets performance goals for a weapon system through a support structure based on long-term performance agreements with clear lines of authority and responsibility, not every company is the same when it comes to fully understanding TLCSM and PBL concepts and processes.


At JJFitzgerald we ensure all our Policies and Processes have been initiated to provide more effective, affordable, operationally-ready systems through increased reliability, supportability, and maintainability.


We do this by focusing on Systems Management and the:

  • Concepts of systems and logistics
  • The Principles and Functions of Management
  • System Design and Development - System engineering
  • Formal design review
  • Acquisition and Production Support
  • Distribution and Customer Support
  • Customer support
  • Equipment phase-out and disposition

In Good Hands

When you make the decision to step aside and let someone else do it, we understand that that is a very hard decision and you are placing your trust and success in someone else's hands.


At JJFitzgerald we don’t take that lightly and we will work hard for you trusting us with your business, with your success, and with your Logistics Management.