Supply Chain Management

JJFitzgerald's supply chain management expertise can facilitate even the most complex project from start to finish. Our warehouse management system provides organization and Inventory Tracking for a client's inventory with immediate access to real-time shipment tracking.





Supply Chain Strategy

JJFitzgerald's Supply Chain Management ( SCM) is a strategic process that keeps a network of interconnected businesses synchronized to deliver products and services in a functional, timely and efficient manner. 

JJFitzgerald's comprehensive and flexible supply chain management capabilities provide you with the tools you need to achieve your strategic objectives. It encompasses the movement and storage of raw materials, work and manufacturing, inventory and finished goods by the ultimate consumer.


JJFitzgerald consults with private and public sector clients to provide tools and resources to improve their operations. We help you realize cost savings and efficiency in the areas of purchasing, logistics, inventory control, system development and continuous improvement. We specialize in streamlining processes, waste reduction, building teamwork and increasing supplier partnerships to strengthen your infrastructure.


Supply chain management is an essential part of inventory management and can be complex and challenging. 

Good inventory management saves time by eliminating time-consuming processes, reduces costs by reducing inventory levels to their optimum levels, and increases productivity by empowering employees to perform complex inventory management tasks. For this reason, JJFitzgerald develops customized solutions in Supply Chain Management Services that address the challenges that hinder your progress.


JJFitzgerald is a world-class leader in providing effective solutions to government agencies and corporate clients. Our philosophy is to understand the needs of our customers and to integrate the client into the solution while at the same time tailoring efficient solutions to meet the challenges that each client faces in today's business environment.


Our experienced professionals deliver financial , human capital management , customer relationship and supply chain management solutions that incorporate streamlined business processes, change management, and robust technology.