Information Technology Services



JJFitzgerald’s Information Technology Expertise is in Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboard Creation, Data Analytics, Big Data Management, Database Management, Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Management, Data Science and Application Development.



Business Intelligence

With ever Growing Stacks of Data, organizations are quickly overwhelmed to extract actionable information from raw data. Our team has the expertise in wide variety of Business Intelligence tools which are used to analyze, decode and process raw data to build reports, dashboards, scorecards to deliver actionable information.

Advanced Analytics / Data Science

JJFitzgerald team is able to deploy Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Processing of data to discover deeper insights, offer predictions and generate recommendations. Utilizing advanced technologies and programming libraries, our team has the expertise to uncover data correlations, pattern matching, high probability estimates and seasonal trends from vast quantities of raw, low granularity data sets.

Big Data Management

With expertise in organization, administration, storage and governance of large volumes of structured and unstructured data, JJFitzgerald can ensure high data quality and accessibility to business intelligence applications and big data advanced analytics.

Database Management

JJFitzgerald DBDEV/DBA Team has expertise in a wide variety of databases:

  • RDBMS- Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Big Data- Hadoop
  • MPP- IBM Netezza
  • Cloud- Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache

Cloud Computing

Planning to move to cloud? JJFitzgerald can definitely help. Our team has helped various client move their IT assets on to Amazon AWS, Verizon Terremark and Microsoft Azure. Our expertise is highly valued by our clients who call in our resources for periodic cloud system health-checks.

Application Development

Have an idea about a mobile app or need to help build a custom IT solution?  JJFitzgerald's team has dozens of years of programming expertise in multiple programming languages such as, Java, C, C++, R and Python, to mention a few.