Process Re-Engineering

At JJFitzgerald we understand that there are seven principles of reengineering to streamline the work process and thereby achieve significant levels of improvement in quality, time management, and cost. Therefore we focus on these processes to ensure we serve you better by:


  • Organizing around outcomes, not tasks.
  • Identifying all the processes in your organization and prioritizing them in order of redesign urgency.
  • Integrating information processing work into the real work that produces your information.
  • Treating geographically dispersed resources as though they were centralized.
  • Linking your parallel activities in the workflow instead of just integrating their results.
  • Putting your decision points where the work is performed, and building control into the process.
  • Capturing information once and at the source.

Radical Redesign of Core Business Processes

Our Business Process Reengineering involves the Radical Redesign of Core Business Processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.


We start with a blank sheet of paper and then rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the customer. We then adopt a new value system that places increased emphasis on the customer's needs.

Our process allow us to reduce organizational layers and eliminate unproductive activities in two key areas.


  • First, we redesign functional organizations into cross-functional teams.
  • Second, we use technology to improve data dissemination and decision making.