Knowledge Management

At JJFitzgerald we use our Knowledge Management Process, to enable individuals, teams, organizations and communities, more collectively and systematically capture, store, share and apply their knowledge, to achieve their objectives. We do this through the Four Dimensions of Knowledge Management.

Personal Knowledge

We ensure that organization’s personal and individual level of knowledge refers to the capabilities, experiences, competencies and personal development for each individual worker.  Therefore, we ensure the strategies, methods, and tools used for this dimension are in place to help the workers succeed. Our strategies include methods and tools to personally capture, learn, interpret, envision, analyze, synthesize, communicate, create, share and apply our methods so your organization succeeds personally.

Team Knowledge

We understand that a number of organizations have implemented a KM strategy for team knowledge management. Furthermore we also understand that this is an approach that comes from the realization that teams are the key knowledge work units and knowledge engines of the organization. That is why one of the four dimensions we implement is to focus on the team and how we manage their knowledge and how knowledge is obtained.


Our Team knowledge management is based on ‘Share’ or ‘Pull’ models of information and knowledge transfer, as opposed to the overused ‘Send’ or ‘Push’ models that create information overload. It is also based on us developing team knowledge plans for each area of your organization.

Organizational Knowledge

We understand that knowledge is a resource that is valuable to an organization’s ability to innovate and compete. That is why we first embark on your organizational knowledge management approach.


The intention behind us focusing in this area is to introduce a KM strategy and a supporting infrastructure for better creating, storing, sharing and applying knowledge across your entire organization.


Our approach is primarily meant to be a top down approach which starts by identifying your key knowledge assets, and the critical knowledge assets of your organization that are needed to achieve its objectives.


Then and only then do we set out to develop and leverage those assets as fast as possible.

Inter-Organizational Knowledge

Our Inter-Organizational Knowledge Management Process is based on the realization that the most valuable knowledge sources and resources can be, and probably are, outside your own organization.  We will help your organization to capitalize on this very important knowledge. Once we implement our Knowledge Management Processes the demonstrated values you will achieve at the personal, team and organizational levels will be extended to value frames of work at the inter-organizational level.