The Best Management Consulting Blogs & Resources to Read

 Items covered by below Consulting Resources include the latest consulting news & developments, consulting industry news, in-depth analyses, trends, how to articles, best practices, business cases, industry rankings, and much more. It includes resources from well known and lesser known Consulting Firms, famous Business and Technology Universities and specialized media platforms that write about Consulting & Technology. When a website has a technology focus and is also relevant for the Consulting professional, it is earmarked as such.


  • Harvard Business Review - The latest publications from the famous Business School.
  • McKinsey Featured Insights - Latest thinking on issues that matter most in business and management according to this well known Consulting Firm.
  • McKinsey Quarterly - Each week, the Five Fifty offers readers “a quick skim in five—or a 50 minute deeper dive” on a wide range of management topics from the same well known Consulting Firm.
  • Bain Insights - Regular publications and insights from another well known Consulting Firm.
  • BCG Henderson Institute - Insights, ideas, views and news from another key player in the Consulting Industry.
  • MIT Sloan Management Review - Key Management Consulting insights, shaped by technology, from the Business School of the worlds leading Technology University.
  • Tom Peters - Personal blog from the most famous consultant McKinsey has ever produced, and who has written multiple best selling Management Consulting books.   
  • Steve Shu Consulting - Very popular Strategy & Technology blog from a seasoned Management Consultant.
  • Tom Spencer - Australia's premier Consulting Blog.
  • MIT Technology Review - The intelligence resource to understand a world shaped by technology, published by the worlds number one Technology University.
  • Wired - One of the first platforms that started writing about Technology & Business.
  • Fast Company - Well known platform that writes about the business side of technology.
  • NY Times Bits - Insights and analysis on Silicon Valley and the Technology Industry from the world's most famous newspaper.
  • MediaRedef - A curation platform that selects the best technology news as published all over the internet.
  • Futurism - Key insights on how Technology is shaping our world.
  • TechCrunch - Daily news of what is happening in Technology that matters and why.

Newly found Management Consulting Blogs & News Sites that are great looking are included in the below list. So if you know other great resources that we should know of, just leave a comment at the bottom section, and we include it in this list if we also like it a lot.

  • Open for further suggestions!

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